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Worries over interest rates spread to junk bond funds Financial Times 2/16/2018
What Happens When The Music Stops? Manager Commentary 1/3/2018
Can Central Banks Keep Control of Interest Rates? Wall Street Journal 12/27/2017
One Potential Winner from Tax Overhaul: Corporate Bonds Wall Street Journal 12/5/2017
Weekly Brief - Credit: The business of risky corporate loans Bloomberg News 11/16/2017
Falling junk bond spreads trigger sense of foreboding Financial Times 11/2/2017
Bond markets need to wake up to global upswing Financial Times 9/27/2017
Leveraged Loans are Back and on Pace to Top Pre-Financial Crisis Records Wall Street Journal 9/25/2017
New U.S. Subprime Boom, Same Old Sins: Auto Defaults Are Soaring Bloomberg News 7/17/2017
Extending & Pretending Manager Commentary 6/30/2017
The Star-Crossed Tale of Junk Loans Bloomberg News 6/28/2017
Investor nervousness rises as yield curve flattens Financial Times 6/25/2017
Junk bonds' risk-return profile has been permanently damaged Financial Times 5/16/2017
Retail Hell - Bankruptcies Now Higher Than During Great Recession - Retail News - Biznow 3/23/2017
Junk bonds' stellar run under threat from hawkish Fed Financial Times 3/14/2017
A caution light for high-yield bonds Investment News 3/2/2017
Trump trade pushes US junk yields to 2-year lows Bloomberg News 2/22/2017
The Mortgage-Bond Whale That Everyone Is Suddenly Worried About Bloomberg News 2/13/2017
Junk May Slam into $1 Trillion Wall as Maturities Hit Record Bloomberg News 2/8/2017
Harvard Academic Sees Debt Rout Worse Than 1994 ‘Bond Massacre’ Bloomberg News 1/4/2017
Junk-Bond Market Heads Toward Deep Freeze Bloomberg News 11/21/2016
Slide continues for junk bond ETFs Financial Times 11/1/2016
Rising defaults cast cloud over US junk bond surge - FT Financial Times 10/28/2016
Explosive growth of bond ETFs stirs fears of impending crisis Financial Times 10/19/2016
Complacency is number one enemy of this ageing US credit cycle Financial Times 10/18/2016
Investors Unfazed by Borrowing Increase Wall Street Journal 10/17/2016
New junk bond investors put safety first Financial Times 10/3/2016
Short interest in largest corporate bond ETF hits record level Financial Times 9/29/2016
Global debt binge eludes riskiest US companies Financial Times 9/27/2016
Cheap money points to more taper tantrums Financial Times 9/20/2016
Calling time on high-yield bond rally Financial Times 9/20/2016
Investors Wary About Overreaching for Yield Wall Street Journal 9/8/2016
Junk Debt Getting Crowded Wall Street Journal 9/6/2016
Reality Comes Into Focus Manager Commentary 9/6/2016
Companies race to sell corporate debt to test investor appetite Financial Times 9/6/2016
Credit-Crunched Companies Rise to Level Rivaling 2009 Bloomberg News 9/2/2016
Paul Singer says bond market is 'broken' Financial Times 8/18/2016
Desperate investors turn to junk bond market Financial Times 8/18/2016
Junk-Bond Bears to the World: We're Still Doomed Bloomberg News 8/12/2016
Rising benchmark raises borrowing costs for companies Financial Times 8/11/2016
Simple Math: As Debt Refinancing Falls, Defaults Rise Manager Commentary 7/6/2016
Slower deal activity set to sap bond sales Financial Times 6/23/2016
Hedge funds seek long term money for distressed debt wagers Financial Times 6/20/2016
Oil, high yield US corporate credit back in sync Financial Times 6/17/2016
Rebound in distressed debt boosts investors Financial Times 6/5/2016
Repeat Opportunity - Kemet Inc Manager Commentary 5/20/2016
Today's Junk-Bond Trader Just a Shell of Old Swashbuckling Self Bloomberg News 5/12/2016
The pain and gain in chasing the junk bond rally - FT Financial Times 5/11/2016
US producers Ultra and Midstates fall victim to low oil price Financial Times 5/4/2016
Alarm over corporate debt and stalled earnings Financial Times 4/28/2016
The old bets on defaulted bonds won't work this cycle Financial Times 4/15/2016
The Emerging Distressed Cycle Manager Commentary 4/12/2016
US credit cycle has already turned; defaults to rise Financial Times 4/7/2016
Tricky course facing distressed debt investors Financial Times 4/4/2016
Western Digital offer highlights junk bond concerns Financial Times 4/1/2016
Debt Markets: Choppy Trading Has No End in Sight Wall Street Journal 3/31/2016
Western Digital set to test investor sentiment for junk Bloomberg News 3/25/2016
Liquidity Death Spiral Traps Credit Suisse Bloomberg News 3/24/2016
M&A Bankers Saying No to More Junk Wall Street Journal 3/21/2016
Liquidity crunch endangers strategies focused on credit Pension & Investments 3/21/2016
Investors ignore the 'bezzle' at their peril Financial Times 3/1/2016
The Reality of Hangovers Manager Commentary 2/29/2016
Toys 'R' Us Poses a Test for Junk-Bond Markets Wall Street Journal 2/22/2016
US junk debt rated triple C yields 20% Financial Times 2/4/2016
Targets of Opportunity Manager Commentary 1/31/2016
The $29 Trillion Corporate Debt Hangover That Could Spark a Recession Bloomberg News 1/28/2016
Gulf Widens in Credit Markets Fraught With Danger for Investors Bloomberg News 1/14/2016
DoubleLine investor Gundlach issues junk bond warning Financial Times 1/12/2016
US junk bond market drought breaks Financial Times 1/7/2016
Distressed Debt Outlook - Fortune May Favor The Brave Forbes 1/6/2016
Oil drop threatens to push energy groups into liquidation Financial Times 12/29/2015
The Upside of Repricing the High-Yield Market Manager Commentary 12/23/2015
Withdrawals hit US corporate bond funds Financial Times 12/18/2015
High-Yield Debt Fund Blocks Investors Froom Pulling Out Money Wall Street Journal 12/10/2015
The Stock Market Is Missing The Warning From Junk Wall Street Journal 12/7/2015
Corporate bond market hit by rate fears Financial Times 12/6/2015
Corporate debt downgrades reach $1tn Financial Times 12/4/2015
Credit homework pivotal for investors Financial Times 12/3/2015
US credit tightens ahead of Federal Reserve policy shift Financial Times 11/30/2015
Global defaults climb to a 6-year peak of $95bn Financial Times 11/30/2015
Confused Markets Manager Commentary 11/20/2015
What junk bond credit spreads reveal Financial Times 11/19/2015
US bond dealers hold net negative position for the first time Financial Times 11/17/2015
Debt Wall Looms Over Fed Bloomberg News 11/10/2015
US corporate bond yields near 2013 peak Financial Times 11/10/2015
Takeover Loans Have Few Takers on Wall Street Wall Street Journal 11/8/2015
Three Things Missing From the Junk Bond ETF Discussion Bloomberg News 11/6/2015
US jobs report is key to December Fed rate lift Financial Times 11/5/2015
US junk regains high-yield status Financial Times 10/21/2015
Bottom of the 8th Inning, Two Outs Manager Commentary 10/21/2015
Defaulted Bond Holders Are Closer to Seizing Rig They Don't Want Bloomberg News 10/20/2015
For Hedge Funds, a Can't-Miss Trade Goes Bust Wall Street Journal 10/20/2015
Corporate America's Epic Debt Binge Leaves $119 Billion Hangover Bloomberg News 10/15/2015
Fed must stop dithering and take action Financial Times 9/24/2015
Junk Deals Get Wary Welcome as Lenders Put Off by Fed Delay Bloomberg News 9/24/2015
The New Bond Market: Regulators Scramble to Keep Up Wall Street Journal 9/23/2015
The Fed Has No Deadlines, But Companies Do Manager Commentary 9/22/2015
The New Bond Market - Bigger, Riskier and More Fragile Than Ever Wall Street Journal 9/21/2015
Defaults Mount in Beleaguered Energy Industry Wall Street Journal 9/18/2015
Interest rate rise: turning point looms for US debt binge Financial Times 9/9/2015
Junk-Rated Borrowers Face Due Dates, Rate Increases Wall Street Journal 9/8/2015
US monetary policy, not the economy, is the source of volatility Financial Times 8/28/2015
A Matter of Perspective Manager Commentary 8/21/2015
S&P Flouts History in Break with Bonds That Often Ends Badly Bloomberg News 8/10/2015
High yield bonds start living up to their name Financial Times 8/7/2015
Debt markets: After the binge Financial Times 8/5/2015
Exit From Leveraged-Credit Seen as Sign of Things to Come Bloomberg News 7/31/2015
Why summer storms loom for investors Financial Times 7/30/2015
US Treasuries market faces liquidity concerns Financial Times 7/29/2015
Strengthening US economy bolsters case for rate rise Financial Times 7/27/2015
'Jumbo' bond deals help address liquidity concerns Financial Times 7/24/2015
A Market Ready for Interest Rate 'Lift-off' Manager Commentary 7/24/2015
Bond markets out of kilter with rate reality Financial Times 7/23/2015
Rates must rise to avert the next crisis Financial Times 7/15/2015
Fed says US economy favours 2015 rate rise Financial Times 7/15/2015
Junk-Bond ETFs Show Just How Desperate Traders Are for Liquidity Bloomberg News 7/13/2015
Treasury markets 'complacent' over Fed rate strategy Financial Times 7/9/2015
Cracks in Junk-Bond Market Form as BofA Sees Outlook Darkening Bloomberg News 7/7/2015
Inevitability Knocking Manager Commentary 6/24/2015
Firms alter bond portfolios as liquidity concerns mount Pension & Investments 6/18/2015
Liquidity pitfalls threaten parched markets Financial Times 6/18/2015
US junk bond rout entices asset managers - FT Financial Times 6/15/2015
Bond Swings So Extreme Even BlackRock Rewrites Risk Measures Bloomberg News 6/14/2015
Bond market liquidity dominates conversation Financial Times 6/12/2015
Reasons to fear a 'triple taper tantrum' Financial Times 6/10/2015
Bond-Market Volatility Triggers Alarms Wall Street Journal 6/9/2015
Bond Market's Storm Finally Hits Junk Debt as Buyers Flee ETFs Bloomberg News 6/9/2015
High time for greed to yield to fear Financial Times 6/5/2015
Investors fear summer market storms loom Financial Times 6/5/2015
Draghi says 'get used to' bond volatility Financial Times 6/4/2015
Warnings over oil debt are getting louder Financial Times 6/3/2015
Asset managers' push into bonds prompts regulatory scrutiny Financial Times 6/3/2015
Investors are playing a 'greater fool' game Financial Times 5/26/2015
US corporate debt sales move beyond $100bn in May Financial Times 5/21/2015
That Point in the Credit Cycle Manager Commentary 5/19/2015
US debt issuers unfazed by rate rise risk Financial Times 5/19/2015
Finance chiefs urge action on bubble fear Financial Times 5/18/2015
Rising bond yields challenge US equity valuations Financial Times 5/14/2015
The Federal Reserve Asset Bubble Machine Wall Street Journal 5/12/2015
Bond sell-off reveals market's new equilibrium Financial Times 5/7/2015
Gundlach - When the Fed starts hiking rates, GET OUT of this asset class [High-Yield] Business Insider 5/6/2015
There Are Signs of Trouble in Junk Bonds and That Could Be Bad for Stocks Bloomberg News 5/6/2015
U.S. Firms Shoulder Rising Debt Wall Street Journal 5/4/2015
U.S. Banks Expect Rise in Loan Defaullts Wall Street Journal 5/4/2015
Junk Bonds Are The New Haven Assets Bloomberg News 5/4/2015
Something nasty is brewing in the bond market Financial Times 5/1/2015
Why The Fed Can't Ignore Treasury Market Illiquidity - Deutsche Bank Bloomberg News 4/23/2015
Solazyme Inc. - A Non-Energy Oil Company Manager Commentary 4/17/2015
Federal Reserve and Treasury market face uncharted territory Financial Times 4/17/2015
Fed official warns 'flash crash' could be repeated Financial Times 4/14/2015
Post-Crisis Risk Casts a Darkening Shadow Wall Street Journal 4/8/2015
Jamie Dimon warns next crisis could see 'more volatile' markets Financial Times 4/8/2015
Energy junk bonds find much needed support Financial Times 4/7/2015
The alchemy of ETF liquidity is an illusory promise Financial Times 4/5/2015
Four financial questions for foamy markets Financial Times 4/3/2015
KKR-Backed Energy Hedge Fund Said to Triple Loss Amid Audit Bloomberg News 4/2/2015
The Revolver Raid Arrives - A Wave Of Shale Bankruptcies Has Just Been Unleashed ZeroHedge 4/2/2015
Bond Trader Buzzkill Is the Suspicion That Losses May Come Fast Bloomberg News 3/30/2015
Some Energy Companies Find the Going Tough Wall Street Journal 3/27/2015
Buyout Firms Feel Pinch From Lending Crackdown Wall Street Journal 3/26/2015
Investors Scoop Up Companies Bonds Wall Street Journal 3/26/2015
Fed policy puzzle puts Treasuries on edge Financial Times 3/25/2015
Low returns drag down US shale oil industry Financial Times 3/25/2015
Fed 'lift-off' is to destination unknown Financial Times 3/24/2015
Patience is best strategy in low-yield world Financial Times 3/24/2015
Bond market fears liquidity crunch repeat Financial Times 3/23/2015
Global fund managers warn of a bond bubble Financial Times 3/23/2015
Bank loan fund flows defy Fed rate outlook Financial Times 3/19/2015
Wall Street Turns to Specialty Lenders to Counter Tighter Rules Financial Times 3/19/2015
Fed Puts Interest-Rate Hikes in Play Wall Street Journal 3/18/2015
Investors Raise Alarm Over Liquidity Shortage Wall Street Journal 3/18/2015
Dalio warns Fed of 1937-style rate risk Financial Times 3/18/2015
High-yield debt market defies sceptics Financial Times 3/18/2015
Top investment groups shock-test bond portfolios Financial Times 3/16/2015
Yield-hungry investors clamour for debt Financial Times 3/13/2015
Recent Portfolio Success: Dendreon Corp Manager Commentary 3/12/2015
Fed rate rise is overdue, warns Bullard Financial Times 3/11/2015
High-yield Bonds Hit New Low in Covenant Quality Investing Barron's 3/10/2015
Junk Bond Investors Get Primed at the Oil Pump Wall Street Journal 3/10/2015
Bonds - How firm a foundation? Financial Times 3/9/2015
Watch List Up 200% in 5 Months - Energy is only Half the Story Manager Commentary 2/27/2015
Chassix Negotiating Prearranged Bankruptcy Filing Wall Street Journal 2/26/2015
'Perfect Storm' Hitting High Yield Market - Fridson Barron's 2/25/2015
Fed paves way to raise rates this year as economy strengthens Financial Times 2/25/2015
Markets play chicken with Fed over rates Financial Times 2/25/2015
A wary investor guide to negative yields Financial Times 2/19/2015
The dangers in rising bond yields Financial Times 2/19/2015
Markets display total recoil at interest rate rises Financial Times 2/17/2015
Energy Sector Draws Investors in Distressed Securities Wall Street Journal 2/13/2015
US bonds lag behind Fed rate forecasts Financial Times 2/13/2015
As Oil Price Drops, Texas lenders Watch for Fallout Wall Street Journal 2/11/2015
Debt mountains spark fears of another crisis Financial Times 2/9/2015
Default risk rises in US oil and gas sector Financial Times 2/9/2015
Yield scare as the world turns negative Financial Times 2/9/2015
'Your time will come', Treasury bears told Financial Times 2/3/2015
Reach for returns takes funds into the shadows Financial Times 2/3/2015
Rising dollar hits US corporate earnings - FT Financial Times 2/3/2015
Beyond the Drop in Energy Prices Manager Commentary 1/23/2015
Dollar's Rise Squeezes U.S. Firms Wall Street Journal 1/21/2015
Bankruptcy Forecaster Sees Junk-Debt bubble Bursting Next Year Bloomberg News 1/21/2015
High risk of crowded trade unravelling Financial Times 1/20/2015
Bonds, inflation and flash crashes Financial Times 1/14/2015
Liquidity Specter Haunts Corporate-Bond Markets Wall Street Journal 1/12/2015
Headwinds to slow US high-yield debt sales Financial Times 1/12/2015
Deep Debt Keeps Oil Firms Pumping Wall Street Journal 1/7/2015
Oilfield Writedowns Loom as Plummeting Prices Gut Drilling Values Bloomberg News 1/7/2015
High drama looms for high-yield bonds Financial Times 12/19/2014
There's a Blacklist in the $800 Billion U.S. Loan Market and It's Not Illegal Bloomberg News 12/18/2014
Junk Bond Investors Heading for First Global Loss in Five Years Bloomberg News 12/17/2014
Oil Plunge sparks US credit market fears Financial Times 12/17/2014
The Price of Oil is Only Part of the Energy Industry's Problem Manager Commentary 12/15/2014
Junk-Bond Worries Spread Beyond Oil Wall Street Journal 12/15/2014
Oil's Slide Brings Sector Closer to the Choke Point Wall Street Journal 12/12/2014
First Time Issuers: Credit Quality Disconnect Manager Commentary 11/10/2014
Higher Volatility Suggests Fundamentals are Back in Vogue Manager Commentary 10/21/2014
Check the Market's Plumbing: Is there a Liquidity Trap? Manager Commentary 9/19/2014
65% of Leveraged Loans Issued YTD Considered 'Covenant-Lite' Manager Commentary 8/21/2014
Junk Bonds Jump as Bonds as Bonds Boom New York Times 7/20/2013